Retainer Advisory Services

Ideal for both new and established collectors, our retainer model provides all-inclusive advisory services that address every aspect of developing a modern and contemporary art collection.

Retainer services include:

  •   Macro-curatorial strategy: we’ll help our clients develop collections with a distinctive and individual character, incorporating the owner’s tastes and interests while balancing critical quality and market realities.

  •  International art market analysis: we continuously monitor international auctions and gallery activity for artists and works relevant to our clients, providing in-the-moment updates and buyer reports.

  • Artwork selection and acquisition: we work closely with each client to develop target-lists in keeping with the relevant curatorial strategy and budget. We act exclusively as the client’s advisor and representative in all transactions, negotiating discounts, and closing sales.

  • International travel for art fairs and events: pending previous scheduling, our advisors accompany clients to leading art fairs, biennials, and exhibitions around the world, providing direct and immediate guidance in order to maximize educational and market opportunities.

  • Database management: our custom database keeps detailed and current records of our clients’ collections, complete with images, documentation, provenance, shipping and invoicing paperwork, and valuation history, among other important details. Each collection inventory can be installed on the corresponding client’s iPad or computer for personal access.

  • Shipping and logistics: our team coordinates the transport, customs clearance, installation, and other services rendered on all works purchased, always taking care to confirm costs with clients first.

  •  Insurance and valuations: we are available to offer referrals for the insurance coverage for our clients, when appropriate. We also update valuation records of all works purchased. Upon request, we can provide fair-market value appraisals for insurance, tax, gifts, etc. in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

  • Art industry networking: we are especially committed to developing fruitful and collaborative relationships with curators, gallerists and museum directors in order to advance our clients’ status and partnerships with leading and influential institutions.

  • Museum loans and gifts: in the event of a prospective loan or gift to a museum, we represent our clients’ interests in all related negotiations with the institution. We closely review the loan agreement, or Deed of Gift, and liaise with other legal and tax advisors as necessary.