Mateo López

Mateo López | XYZ, A Deluxe Edition and Limited Edition

Published by S/W Ediciones: September 2015

Published in a limited edition of 150 and a deluxe edition of 30; all are signed and numbered by the artist.


Book specifications (for both Deluxe and Limited editions):

Fifty-six pages, french-folded, screen printed cover

  • Fifty-four images printed in archival ink, based on artist’s pencil drawings
  • The closed case size is 8.5 in. wide x 10.5 in. high x 1.25 in. deep
  • The cruciform case is handmade with a lace tie


Deluxe Edition with Original Artwork:

Handmade clamshell case is screen printed

  • The case’s upper box holds one cutout sculpture pinned to a screen-printed sheet
  • The case’s lower tray holds the book
  • The closed case size is 9.25 in. wide x 11.75 in. high x 4.5 in. deep

Price: $ 800 (Limited edition) | Deluxe edition is sold out