ARTBO| Fin de Semana

ARTBO| Fin de Semana


Since 2017, Sokoloff + Associates has been in charge of organizing FORO, a series of talks around diverse relevant issues in contemporary art that are presented during ARTBO | Fin de Semana—Bogota’s gallery weekend organized by ARTBO.


2017: Beyond the White Cube: Perception and Knowledge in Action

Guest speakers:

Renaud Proch, Executive Director ICI; Regan Grusy, former Chief of Staff at the Costume Institute at The MET; Yona Backer, Founder Third Streaming, NY; Alex Hank, art collector; Stefania Bortolami; owner at Bortolami Gallery; Juliana Restrepo, director at IDARTES; and Camilo Restrepo, Founder AGENDA Medellín.


2018: Breaking Boundaries

Guest Speakers:

Karen Wong, Deputy Director, New Museum; Anna Di Stasi, Latin American Art Expert at Sotheby’s, New York; Henry Allsop, Director for Latin American Art at Hauser and Wirth; Peter J. Russo, Triple Canopy, NY; Manuela Paz, Embajada; Santiago Pinyol, CARNE; Lumi Tan, The Kitchen; Mis Amigas Drag;

Young Joon Kwak


2019: Building, Revisiting and Discussing National Historical Memory

Guest Speakers:

Manuel Burga Díaz, Director, Lugar de la Memoria, la Tolerancia y la Inclusión Social, Peru; Benjamin Seroussi, Director, Casa do Povo, SP; Soraya Bayuelo, Colectivo de Comunicaciones Montes de María Linea 21, Colombia; Jesus Abad Colorado; Jorge González and Naufus Ramírez Figueroa.


*Images courtesy of ARTBO